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Built o​n the cornerstones of accountability, efficiency, professionalism, and therefore excellence, the Sheriff's Office consists of over 1,100 employees. These outstanding Civilians and Deputies serve public safety in the Jail Division, Communications Division, Civil Division, Administration Division, and Criminal Division. Since 1822, the Marion County Sheriff's Office has dedicated its personnel to better serve and protect the citizens of Marion County.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sheriff Calls for Continued Cooperation Throughout Public Safety

Public Safety Director Dr. Frank Straub telephoned Sheriff John Layton this morning to advise him of his decision to resign as Public Safety Director.  Just last Tuesday, Sheriff Layton issued a statement that he looked forward to continuing to work with all parties, including Public Safety Director Straub, to find positive solutions to the difficult  public safety funding challenges facing the City and County.

During the course of the conversation this morning, the two Public Safety Officials agreed to continue their efforts during Dr. Straub’s  remaining tenure.  “Over the last several weeks, Dr. Straub and I have worked together finding that our offices faced similar challenges and we realized that by working more closely together we might better meet these challenges successfully,” said Sheriff Layton.  “I appreciate the dialogue with the Department of Public Safety, and I hope to have a good relationship with the next Public Safety Director,” concluded Sheriff Layton.