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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Five at Suspected Drug Trafficking House

Sheriff John Layton announced today that members of the Marion County Sheriff's Criminal Warrants team arrested Jermaine McKinley, 24 years of age, and four other individuals at a house that was suspected to be a drug trafficking location. 

During the investigation of a warrant on McKinley for robbery, Deputies learned that McKinley was armed and could be located at a North Gale Street address.  After knocking and announcing their presence, the Deputies forced entry and found McKinley. The Deputies confiscated three weapons, small amounts of suspected cocaine and marijuana, and drug paraphernalia such as scales and mirrors with razor blades. The paraphernalia indicated that drug trafficking was taking place in the house.

Four other individuals were in the house with McKinley, three of whom were convicted felons. All five individuals were arrested. Also arrested were Frederick Maxey, 29; William McKinney, 48; Marion Edwards, 46; and Courtney Renfro, 20.  Maxey, Edwards, Renfro and McKinney were charged with visiting a common nuisance. 

At this time the investigators are conducting further interviews to see if additional charges will be brought, such as possession of weapons by convicted felons.