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Built o​n the cornerstones of accountability, efficiency, professionalism, and therefore excellence, the Sheriff's Office consists of over 1,100 employees. These outstanding Civilians and Deputies serve public safety in the Jail Division, Communications Division, Civil Division, Administration Division, and Criminal Division. Since 1822, the Marion County Sheriff's Office has dedicated its personnel to better serve and protect the citizens of Marion County.

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29th Arrests

Team 3

  • Arrest made with charges for:
    Robbery - Class B Felony 
  •  Arrest made with charges for:
    Parole Violation ( Auto Theft - Class D Felony)

Team  8

  • Location of arrest:
          2130 Stout Field West Drive
          Battery - Class C Felony
          Battery - Class A Misdemeanor
          Domestic Battery - Class A Misdemeanor