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Monday, July 23, 2012

Arrestee Pronounced Dead at A.P.C.

Kenneth W. Flannery, white male, 35 years of age,  was reported to be drunk and staggering in the 8100 block of Madison Ave.,  on Saturday evening, July 21, 2012.  IMPD was summoned at 7:35 p.m. and found Flannery at that location minutes later.  Flannery resisted arrest, an altercation ensued and he was subdued.  Flannery had a history of more than 20 arrests over the last 15 years for a variety of charges including glue sniffing, possession of controlled substances, battery, resisting law enforcement,  public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

IMPD arrested Flannery for Battery (D Felony), Resisting Law Enforcement (A Misdemeanor), and Public Intoxication (A Misdemeanor),  and he was placed in the Marion County Sheriff’s  transportation wagon.   Upon arriving at the Arrestee Processing Center, approximately 15 minutes later,  Flannery was found to be unconscious and not responsive.  A.P.C. medical personnel, Indianapolis EMS, and IFD promptly attempted to resuscitate Flannery,  but they were unsuccessful.

The decedent will be undergoing an autopsy at the Coroner’s  Office to determine the cause of death.  In addition to the Coroner’s  Office,  IMPD and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are conducting a tandem investigation into the facts and circumstances of Mr. Flannery’s demise.