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Built o​n the cornerstones of accountability, efficiency, professionalism, and therefore excellence, the Sheriff's Office consists of over 1,100 employees. These outstanding Civilians and Deputies serve public safety in the Jail Division, Communications Division, Civil Division, Administration Division, and Criminal Division. Since 1822, the Marion County Sheriff's Office has dedicated its personnel to better serve and protect the citizens of Marion County.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fleeing Suspect Anton Butler Died From Sudden Cardiac Arrest Due To Acute Cocaine Intoxication

On May 1, 2012, Marion County Sheriff's Deputies observed a suspected drug transaction in the 3100 block of North Baltimore. Anton Butler, 28 years of age, who had numerous previous arrests and who was released from prison last October, was the drug dealing suspect. Unfortunately, Mr. Butler resisted the law enforcement officers and attempted to flee. In an attempt to subdue the suspect, multiple law enforcement officers were involved due to his size (6’3”, 240 pounds) and strength. In addition, it became necessary to utilize electrical stimulation devices to subdue Mr. Butler.  After being subdued, the suspect became unresponsive and emergency medical responders were summoned. A crowd of onlookers and stormy weather hampered the life-saving effort. Medical intervention continued for some time at Methodist Hospital.  Thereafter, Mr. Butler was pronounced dead.  The death Coroner’s report has now confirmed that the cause of death was “Sudden Cardiac Arrest due to Acute Cocaine Intoxication.”

“My sympathy continues to be extended to the family of Anton Butler, and all the families who lost loved ones to crime-related deaths this summer,” remarked Sheriff John Layton. “As a father and a grandfather, I know the value of our young people. Sadly, young Anton Butler died of cocaine use and his drug dealer has blood on his hands."

“Unfortunately, Indianapolis seems to be gripped by a senseless culture of drugs and violence.  Like all the law enforcement officials, Marion County Sheriff' Deputies are fighting to protect the public. Lawbreakers must be arrested, resistors must be subdued, justice must prevail, and the violence must end," concluded Sheriff Layton.