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Friday, July 20, 2012

Wishard Hospital Inmate Escaped, Captured, and Will Be Charged

Sara Lindsey Ipock, who was being held on a failure to appear in Kentucky on a burglary charge, escaped from Wishard Memorial Hospital at 22:51 hours last evening.

Ipock had been transported to Wishard for medical care and escaped from restraint devices in her hospital room. As a result of a determined search by Marion County Sheriff Deputies, Ipock was captured within three hours. She was arrested at a residence in the 5400 block of West Washington St. During the course of the capture, Ipock received a K9 bite. Deputies made a total of six arrests, including two people at the residence wanted on outstanding traffic warrants, as well as three individuals arrested for Assisting a Criminal.  Those individuals were Charles Baker, Christopher Knight, and Zachary White.  Ipock was arrested for Escape and Resisting Law Enforcement.

The cases are being presented today to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office for formal charging.